Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cool Hand Luke

Today is Leeloo's 4th birthday. When I found out about the breeding between Tailor and Bing 4 years ago it was a snap decision to want one of the puppies. I hoped there would be a nice bitch in the litter that I could bring home and sure enough Leeloo fit the bill. She had those kissable white feet and once she was in my house Boy and I were under her spell, lost forever to her charm and Bubbaliciousness. So happy birthday to my Booble and all the other silly names I call her, she is my darling enigma and I love every inch of her.

From yesterday at the Halifax show we bring tidings of great joy. Well, joy to me, not to Cora's point tally. For the first time in the ring Cora misbehaved in a silly happy puppy way and I was thrilled. She is finally getting relaxed enough to goof off and I couldn't be more pleased with how she's improved show to show. I think she is a bit of a throwback to the old style temperament in her lines and she has blossomed by leaps and bounds in recent months. I can only see her experiences improving since this weekend we have an outdoor show and I think she will much prefer that over an indoor show.

Luke was also showing and although he didn't get any points either, he was rewarded with some very nice compliments from the judge who saw a lovely dog that just needed to mature. Luke has the unfortunate luck to be seriously out of coordination with, well, everything. That 'awkward teenage' stage lasts a long time with dogs from the Aegis/Rivercity lines (one day, a few years from now, when I've earned it, I can call it the 'Invictus line'), and we just need to allow the youngsters time to grow up. All the gangly bits will one day even out although I think there is a slight chance he may have inherited Leeloo's leg!

Luke also came home with me for a few days vacation while his Mommy Stephanie and Daddy Kyle take in a little bit of Nova Scotia. I know how hard it is to travel with dogs so it was no problem for me to offer to take Luke for a few days until the Pictou shows. After all, I did just gain 4 acres.

It's pretty safe to say that Cora and Luke are hitting it off in the best way possible. They wear each other out and tumble and chase and play for ages until they finally come inside to crash. It's going to be hard for Cora to say goodbye to Luke and I'm sure the reverse is true.

Cora's signature move these days is the bail out roll. She can be playing like mad and then suddenly she's on the ground in a roll, sometimes all the way over and back up again in a flash and sometimes she stops on her back and wrestles from that position. It's amazing to watch, she is so fast and seems to love to fight from the ground up.

I know Luke's Mommy is missing him but rest assured, lots of texts and photos will have you sleeping soundly. He is being very good although there is some question right now about whose Mommy I am, The Boy or Luke's! They both think I am and that has resulted in some 'testing' which gets squashed in a hurry. They can share. I still make sure though, that The Boy knows he is the ultimate in special ... so Luke will just have to concentrate on keeping Cora in line! Somebody has to ...


RiderWriter said...

Well, HURRAY! I haven't checked in here for a while because I thought you were *sniff* gone, and something made me click today... only to find a new look, and new entries! I am delighted. I, for one, have not grown tired of your fine writing, beautiful photos, or especially, hearing all about your canine family members and their many adventures. Thank you for once again finding your muse - we readers are grateful, indeed. Of course the dogs will never know you tell their stories, but that doesn't matter!

Kathryn said...

That bail out roll is the exact thing Githam does to keep Rory interested. Now that he is much harder for Rory to catch he pacrs himself and sometimes just stops and rolls himself on to the ground for no apparent reason other than Rory is losing interst in the chase. Excellent to watch.

Kathryn said...

Gotham. That is what I meant.

Kathryn said...
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