Sunday, September 23, 2012

Phone Booth

Last Spring I acquired an iPhone, which is a silly name for the thing because I almost never use it as a phone, it's more accurately a little pocket computer that has a phone function. I have made good use of its camera feature and captured some surprisingly nice photos of the dogs. I was surprised to see that the size of the files is over a MG which means I need to be deleting them from my phone a lot more often! It's not perfect but it's certainly much better quality than I expected and since I've seen what other people's phones take I had rather thought all camera phone photos were poor quality. Not so with my Magic iPhone - I love this thing and yes, I do take it in the woods with me in case a tree falls on me ... my dogs aren't Lassie and none of them are going to go for help!

Leeloo demonstrates her remarkable nose which is excellent at sniffing out squirrels, voles, and finding 3 month old show bait forgotten in a skirt pocket. Who could deny those eyes anything they ever wanted?

The Boy on the 'wrong' side of the creek again. He is perpetually trying to increase my property borders but is out of luck. Fortunately the property behind me is acres and acres of woods that will never be developed but since there are reports of bears in the area and I heard coyotes the other night, I'd prefer him to stay where I can see him. He is lit from below by the creek and above from the sky and although he looks like an angel ... heaven can't have him quite yet.

Cora may often look like a serene princess but in actual fact she is a Goon of the First Order. She has the most ridiculous sense of humour I've ever seen in a Ridgeback, or any dog really, and she delights in being a clown and making not only me but everyone else in the house laugh. Those crazy ears are sometimes perfect, sometimes 'Leeloo', sometimes both and always show her mood. She is never very far away from whatever fun is to be had.
Esme is determined that I never manage to capture a decent photo of her, she seems to be very uncomfortable having the camera pointed at her, I'm not sure if she gets self-conscious or doesn't like being stared at so directly (probably that one) but it's rare for me to be able to take a decent photo of her, no matter what is taking the photo! Here she was guarding a bone she'd hidden in the folds of this dog bed - it is necessary to hide things from the Ridgebacks ... they are shameless thieves.

One of the things I really like about the iPhone is the 'real time' aspect of it. I took this photo while in the woods and posted it immediately to Facebook: 'Leeloo owning the woods' and she does. Just for perspective, where she is standing right now has the creek up around her shoulders because of all the rain we've gotten in the last week, so no standing in the creek bed for us for the next few days.

Before we moved Shelley, who I work with, was kind enough to let me walk the dogs on her property so I was not constantly 'breaking the law' and they loved it there. We will have to go back and visit her sometime in the Fall but this photo was taken in the Spring when the frogs were being most frog-like and causing the dogs no small consternation. The Boy could not figure out that weird noise they were making and would not approach the pond water to find out since whenever he did there was lots of little splashes of frogs leaping into the water and that deep, throaty ribbet they'd make. He's so cute when he's trying to think.

This photo was taken the same day the blog's cover photo was taken, Leeloo gazing out across the bay in Caribou, she is listening to a dog bark across the water. It was a lovely evening and I had only owned the iPhone for a few days but taking these photos clinched it for me as a pocket computer 'camera' being capable of more than I expected. The depth in the photo is what impresses me most - the detail in the clouds is remarkable.

I took a cute photo of me and Cora almost on the very first day of owning the phone and used Instagram to make some changes to it. For those well versed in Raimi's registered name, this caption will speak volumes. Needless to say, I love my iPhone and what it allows me to do and how it helps me capture even the most simple moments of my and the dog's lives.

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