Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Circle of Friends

While we wait for the creek to subside into something a little more suitable for strolling along, we stay up near the house and the dogs romp in the grass. Esme thinks this is just fine since she prefers to be able to see them and keep an eye on what they're doing. When we're in the woods Esme tends to stick quite close to me because she loses the Ridgebacks in the trees, my legs are much slower and easier to follow and I usually go where she can go, whereas sometimes the Ridgebacks take short cuts that she cannot take. So when Esme has the chance to race around chasing Ridgebacks on the lawn, she takes full advantage. What, pray tell, is this? Why, it's Esme!

Only someone familiar with the Puli would be able to tell which way Esme is headed and which end is, in fact, her head. I won't make you think too hard, her hind feet are on the ground and her front feet are in the air while she gallops away.

And takes on Cora who is more than happy to attack this little bundle of energy. Esme was away for 2 weeks and she has a lot of energy to spend and lots of tackling to make up for! Those teeth are gnashing and there is a lot of noise when they play. Esme doesn't back down and Cora knows just what buttons to push.

It's not like Cora listens well. She certainly doesn't listen that well to me and there is no reason to expect her to listen to Esme, although Esme is a little sharper at one end than I am and she is not afraid to use it! I love to see the dogs playing like this, it means they are good friends who respect each other enough to play differently depending on who they are interacting with. If Cora pushes too hard Esme tells her to back off, it's a delicate balance because Cora is so much bigger.

It's not every day you can get photos of Esme and Cora just being themselves and enjoying each other's company, often Leeloo and Cora are adventuring together and leave Esme and Boy to their own devices. Those Ridgeback bitches can be so ... bitchy. Thankfully Cora is game for a romp at almost any time and when Esme needs to burn off a little steam, there is only one dog she turns to.

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