Friday, December 14, 2012


Dogs do fashion too, you know. You may recall I got Cora and Leeloo new collars a few weeks ago which I am totally thrilled with. They are now worn-in and covered with dirt, they wash easily and compliment the dogs perfectly. I wasn't going to get The Boy a new collar yet because he didn't really need one but I love the girls' so much I just had to. And if you are getting one for each of the 3, you have to get another for the fourth so Esme was also measured up and a color and style was chosen. If you don't remember I got my collars from the latest and greatest dog collar manufacturer in the northern hemisphere ... Sexy Beast Dog Collars. She seems to have a booming business through her Facebook page and I know several people who have gotten collars from her, more proof that they are second to none.

The Boy and Esme's collars arrived this week and I was excited to see how they looked on the dogs since seeing the finished product on SBDC Facebook page. I was not disappointed. The Boy's collar is perfect for him. Understated, stylish and not too flashy. When you are The Boy you don't need flash, you need something to accentuate how alarmingly handsome you are and this collar does just that.

The edging is a deep navy blue which is, as mentioned, The Boy's color, and the middle is tooled 'nutmeg' leather and it matches the various hues of his coat perfectly. He is certainly looking very dapper in his shiny new collar although I don't think it's going to stay shiny for long. His first day out with it was spent hunting squirrels (well, every day is spent hunting squirrels) and gave me plenty of opportunity to take some photos. 

There is nothing quite like watching the dogs enjoy themselves in the woods and having them in gorgeous collars only adds to my enjoyment. I just think that the better you look the better you feel and although the dogs have no idea (or care) about their collars, I like to see them just being dogs while wearing a beautiful piece of fashion.

Esme got her collar too but it was very hard to try and get a photo of it through all that hair when we were in the woods. I opted for an indoor photo and a classic Puli pose. Her collar is little dragonflies which are blue, yellow and orange - I chose the dragonflies because Esme is kind of like that; flitting here and there, zooming about, backwards, forwards, up down, around and everywhere. The based leather color is orange so it would stand out in her coat and does it ever! I think it looks fabulous. Instead of a martingale it's a limited slip collar so it only closes so far. Not that you can tell when it's on her. At least now people can tell which end is which - I can always tell, it's the barky end.

She hates me posing her for photos so when I was doing this, thankfully, you can't see the expression on her face. It was a combination of resignation and annoyance. The second I was done she jumped onto the couch and snorted her irritation at me. Here she'd put her head down on the dog bed as a sort of silent protest against being posed. When Esme poses she thinks it should be on her terms ...

So finally the dogs all have their Sexy Beast Dog Collars. I love that they all match and that they are all leather. Nothing quite like leather to last and even when it's worn-in, it still looks great. I will have to look up some care instructions for them, I'm not sure about anyone else's dogs but mine are hard on their collars. I know Esme, Cora and Boy's will last longer than a year but with Leeloo it will be a true test of the collar's mettle to get through 12 months unscathed. Challenge ... accepted.

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