Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hold That Pose

Winter is trying to settle in on this second day of December. It's not trying very hard but yesterday we were out with the sun shining and some flecks of snow falling and it made for a very peaceful walk. I need to replace the coats that I had for everyone because someone chewed the buckles off of not one, but both of them - I used to have three but Halo's original coat doesn't fit anyone here and it also lost a battle with She Who Shall Not be Named. I think I can replace the buckle on Raimi's but the other is a lost cause. Honestly Cora. Fortunately it's not really cold enough yet for them to need their coats and I hope it stays that way for a little longer!

I took my camera out to stretch its legs and it did its level best to show the dogs doing what they do with such ease, look amazing. I am so blessed to have dogs that are fit, healthy and raring to go at a moment's notice although standing and looking for squirrels is a much loved past-time for everyone. There is a certain section of the woods that the squirrel hangs out so the dogs make their way there every single walk, ever hopeful of spotting that Evil Rodent.

When that gets boring, or they are convinced the squirrel is not around, sometimes they find interesting ways to amuse themselves. This includes, but is not limited to, chewing on random branches of trees. Leeloo found this branch at the perfect height for munching on. I'm not sure why they do this but they all like to chomp on twigs and pieces of wood. There is certainly enough to choose from!

Speaking of twigs and debris, Esme is an expert at picking up various bits of the woods and attempting to bring them into the house. On this walk she tried to jump the creek, failed, landed in it and ended up with her back end all wet. This resulted in the water in her coat freezing and as it did so it picked up leaves and twigs. Fortunately most of this fell off before going in the house but I had to pick out the larger bits - she hates debris in her coat and I hate it on my floor! Look at that dirty little face ... can do no wrong!

What can I say about Cora? My Baby Booble is growing up. Just the other day I looked at her, reallized she is starting to lose that puppy softness around her face and my heart fell a little. While she will always retain that heart melting expression, she is still destined to Grow Up. I have increased her food lately because she is going through a bit of a growth spurt and she is due in heat any day so everything about her is starting to fill in. I can see it in her cheeks, her muzzle and the breadth of her head. It makes me sad for the loss of the Puppy although I think she will always be silly and goofy and downright annoying sometimes. I'm looking forward to the amazing Big Girl she will be and anticipate lots of great adventures. 

At one point Leeloo thought she heard something up at the house and took off to see what it was with Boy and Cora in close pursuit. I called them back from down at the brook and they all came to the edge of the hill to see what I was yelling about. There's Cora in the middle with her 'Jar-Jar' ears and Leeloo with her flying ears and Boy ... always so handsome even though he's a bit hidden. But where's Esme? She's right where she's supposed to be ... at my feet awaiting the next command. Reliable Esme, I always know where she is!

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