Friday, December 28, 2012

Dangerous Minds

Lest you think I allow The Boy's adoration to go to my head, I am going to remind you that I also own three bitches who burst my bubble on a regular basis. The girls certainly do love me and want my approval but often times I think the approval is more like "You will approve of me Mommy, or else." The girls also look at me with reverence in their eyes which I read as more of a "How did she get to be in charge?" than straight-up hero worship.

The girls are calculating and in my experience a truer statement was never made. They look at you, into you, through you and although it's often said that dogs do not have a concept of the future, these bitches know how to plan and are often forward thinking enough to keep me guessing.

Halo's breeder Erin once told me that the girls always have an agenda. Never make the mistake of thinking they've forgotten about something just because they're no longer paying direct attention to it. They are always paying attention; to you, to their end game, and they never hesitate to strike when the moment is right. They always know when you are not looking.

They sometimes work in tandem, especially in the field, and I have to really watch their level of excitement when two girls want to bay themselves up a Boy. He is currently sporting some new war wounds from a couple of over-zealous bitches. It's eerie to watch when they 'hook up' almost telepathically and copy each other's actions. That's when you have to be on particular alert. This "Children of the Corn" moment had me especially focused on their next move!

They are also better at communicating intent or desire with me. Leeloo is especially insistent I understand what it is she wants and will go to great lengths to make herself clear. Cora and I have developed a language where I finally understand what she is trying to say when she speaks to me - and she likes to chat! Esme has always been pushy and extremely direct in her motivations and doesn't let any 80 pound Ridgeback stop her from reaching her goals. Boy is, and has always been, passive when it comes to what he wants. If the cat is in his chair he fusses and then gives up whereas yesterday I watched Cora stare at the cat a few moments, then poke her, then nibble her gently on the chest until finally Fat Cat decided to shift her chubby arse. Cora hopped up on the chair and settled in. It's a pretty popular chair in point of fact.

Let it never be said that the bitches don't have a special connection with me - they certainly do as individuals and I simply adore the challenge owning these girls offer. They keep me humble, grounded and constantly guessing what they'll do next. It's just harder to know what's going on in their brains since The Boy is pretty simple. I like the dynamic we have here now, there is a peaceful balance and everyone knows their role. I'll always be in charge but sometimes I let the girls think they are just to keep them guessing too ...

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