Friday, January 6, 2012

Sunset Beach

I was sifting through the many photos stockpiled on my computer (which really need to make their way to an external hard drive) and remembered that I took about 300 photos in one outing with the dogs and only some of them have made it to the blog. It was just coming on sunset and we were at the beach on a rather brisk day but the dogs found ways to stay warm. There's Leeloo demonstrating that Fast Leeloo is fast.

The only dog who doesn't need to run around to warm up is Esme but she insists on doing about 3 times the distance of the Ridgebacks despite her size. She doesn't have any trouble keeping up with Boy anyway.

She tries to herd the Ridgebacks because she is a herding breed but they don't make very good sheep. Boy loves running in the sand, it's one of his very favorite places to run at high speed. As long as you are not behind him eating sand, or have a natural screen of Puli hair protecting your eyes, it's a thing of beauty to watch.  

Lately Leeloo has discovered that Cora has become the right size for wrestling. Her days of unequivocally beating Cora into the earth are coming to an end. I am certain this is good news for both Cora and Leeloo since Leeloo will be more satisfied with the play and Cora is less likely to get injured.

Then again, there is no accounting for Leeloo's intensity. When she plays she means it and although the scales are becoming a little more balanced, Leeloo is practiced and certainly doesn't play fair.

I suppose it's a good lesson for Cora since life isn't always fair, although I think sometimes Leeloo might put too fine a point on it.

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