Sunday, January 29, 2012

Big Comfy Couch

I have a chair that is meant for me and only me. Lately Leeloo has been a bit clingy so she always wants to sit on the chair with me. Actually, everyone is clingy so everyone wants to sit on the chair with me although it's really a chair made only for one bottom. When I got the chair I made sure to mention this to all the animals in the house, not just the dogs. The cats didn't listen and really, no expected them to. You can see the chair demonstrating itself as the perfect size for two cats or one cat and one Tamzin or half a Tamzin and one Leeloo or Cora. Boy tries to sit on it behind me sometimes but I always end up with only about an inch on which to perch and end up having to move.

The other day I sat in my chair and Boy decided it was once again his turn to 'cuddle wif Mommy' and so I obliged. Leeloo stood and stared, moaned and whined and used her incredible powers of observation to note that while Boy was taking up most of the chair, he was leaning against some pillows which did not have a dog on them. She stomped her cute little white toes a moment and then leapt over Boy to land on the pillows. No room left for me, as you can see, but because I love them, and can't bear to make them move, I tossed a throw over Leeloo and grabbed the camera. It says something to the persistence of the dogs in insisting on their own comfort. It also speaks rather loudly to how easily I am played and just how spoiled they really are.

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