Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why Stop Now

When you are using a camera such as mine you have the opportunity to take photos in sequence with the motor drive option but because it's an SLR camera you don't actually see what you're photographing as the moment happens because of the mirror it uses. (Google single lens reflex if you need to). It can make it fun and amusing when you download the images to your computer because you sometimes end up with photos you didn't realize you'd taken - like Esme's faceplant from the last blog.

I sort of anticipated the upcoming sequence because I called The Boy to me and wanted some of him smashing through the drifts but unless you time it right, you can end up taking a photo of the non-action, instead of the action. It's hard to explain but there is usually an optimum time to take a photo in an action sequence, like a dog running, where it looks beautiful, instead of awkward - you don't see my awkward photos unless there is something else about them that I like (... and we're back to Esme).  This set came out about as well as I expected, it's only 3 photos, but the last one I didn't anticipate and when I saw it I had to laugh. So here's The Boy smashing through a snow drift to get to me, all manly and muscular.

It wasn't a huge drift and was fairly easy for him to get through but we were at the end of a 40 minute walk, he was a little sick of being out in the cold, he was tired and he wanted to go in. He didn't appreciate me calling him from the house to run through a bunch of snow again but since he adores me, and tries really hard to be good, he came anyway. Photo number two is The Boy plowing onwards to get to me - this was also posted a few days ago.

But then things took a turn and someone had had enough. The only caption I could reasonably come up with for this is "URCH!" He realized at the last second it was a much bigger drift than what he'd just run through and decided that no matter how much he loved me, he was not going through that drift. It doesn't look that big but he's standing on the upslope side of it, on my side it was at least a foot deeper than the one he'd just broken through. So, he stopped. He looked at me like "You be crazy," and headed back to the house. I followed in short order, I know when to take a hint.

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