Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Visitors

Archer and Raylan came to visit last weekend and I'm finally getting around to posting their photos. Blogger is still not cooperating so I am doing my Picasa Work-Around (still not happy about it) which makes the blog a serious chore. Raylan is growing up into a fine handsome fellow and although we need to do a little work on learning how to stack and not sitting for a treat (ahem ... Sandra) he should be ready to show once Cora is finished since I can't show them both at the same time. Meanwhile he is busy annoying his Uncle Archer and when he comes to visit, his Daddy Boy.

Most visitors are obsessed with Boy. He is a big ol' softy but knows how to say no without getting all nasty about it. Some male Ridgebacks have short fuses but fortunately Raimi's fuse has always been very hard to light. It means good news for Archer who has always held Boy in a bright ray of adoration.

 Not that Leeloo is immune to being fawned over but her corrections tend to be a little more sharp and to the point. She doesn't really take much guff from the 'kids' and is quick to smack them down when they need it. However, she still knows how to have a good time and likes to wrestle with them. Here's a nice family portrait to hang on the wall. The Boy giving Raylan some fatherly advice while Raylan  tries to quiet Leeloo down. That never goes well ...

Archer is going to be 4 soon and I can't imagine where the time has gone. He's lived with Sandra for over 2 years now but still, when he sees me, I get all the bouncy greetings and affection I could want - he will never forget he was once mine.

Then again, he will now always be Sandra's. He is clearly well loved, spoiled and adored and even though it's nice to see him once in a while he is clearly Sandra's dog. Nothing about being a breeder, and I mean nothing, makes me happier than to see my dogs bonded and safe and happy with their people. It is all I ever wanted for any of them. 

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