Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Visitor

All the puppies from the last litter are growing up so fast and although they are only 8 months old they are mostly following in their parent's footstep when it comes to size! It's great to see them in person on occasion and in about 10 days I hope to see at least 6 or 7 of Raimi and Leeloo's puppies for a bit of a family reunion. This past weekend Raylan came for a visit with his buddy Archer and Cora was over the moon with glee.

They played and played and despite Raylan being about 10 pounds heavier than Cora she managed to school him pretty well. She is a quick little bugger and he certainly had his work cut out trying to catch her. He did manage to get some of his own licks in and had a little help from a determined Esme.

Raylan is maturing into quite the handsome fellow. He still has the rolly poly puppy tone that doesn't firm up until they are over a year old - they aren't exactly over weight but they don't have that fit and lean look I like so much about Raimi and Leeloo.

And Cora ... who is incredibly toned, even more so now that she is going through a growth spurt and I've almost doubled her food. She was looking a little lean a couple weeks ago when I brought them home from the kennel and I thought it was just from being somewhere strange for 9 days. I upped her food and then realized she was trying to fill in more so I upped it again. This is the age for another growth and I sincerely hope it's to fill out and not get taller - she is the perfect height. Look at how gorgeous my Baby Booble is - still so puppy-like - and I hope in some way she retains that innocent softness around her face ... even though she is the exact opposite!

It was a great day for all the dogs and Archer thought Cora was thrilling to play with, until he got a little too pushy and she told him off. He stayed back for a little while like a coward but recovered enough to have one final romp in the fading light of the afternoon - hard to believe it wasn't even 4pm yet. 

The aftermath. What I like almost as much as the visits from the happy healthy babies I've produced, is the peace and quiet of a soundly exhausted Cora.

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