Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Finding Neverland

The property here is like a Neverland for dogs. They have everything they could hope for in varying landscapes, smells and terrain. From the mown acre of lawn to the tall grass and paths to the woods and the creek, this place has it all. I'm not sure when the dogs settled in but at this point I think the Oak Street house is but a fleeting memory and all they see is acres and acres of wonder. Leeloo likes to race down the slope to the middle entrance to the woods, she only brakes for squirrels.

Each day we choose a different way into the woods, or a different adventure to take. It reminds me of those books I read as a child, the Choose Your Own Adventure stories depended on you deciding what you wanted to do when the character was presented with two or more options to move forward in the story. My parents bought them for my brother but I'm pretty sure I wore the pages out of them doing all the adventures. I think the dogs would love to wear the pages out of this property.

The creek, or brook, is a delightful break from smashing our way through the woods although I imagine in the spring this won't be so easy to walk down! Cora doesn't like to get her feet wet but nothing will stop her from investigating the scents of the animals that come down to drink here. Who is that in the creek?

The large span of lawn that I now have to mow is a nice break from tripping over roots and beating back tree branches in the woods. Especially for Esme who gets caught up in the undergrowth a lot more easily than the Ridgebacks! Although I think she prefers the grass, Esme is still determined that she will not be left behind. She just left today for some shows in Maine so when she returns I'm sure I'll have a little more wilderness hacked out for her convenience. Good Luck Esme! Bring home a couple majors ...

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