Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cold Creek Manor

We had a pretty good snowfall the other day and I like to walk the dogs in fresh snow since it makes everything look so pretty and clean. I found a nice new spot to take them on a creek that is currently frozen over so it's easy to walk along and the dogs can explore the woods on either side.

I also needed to test out Esme's new suit that finally came. It's extremely well made, possibly better made than some of my own coats. The problem is there were a few errors with its construction that make it almost impossible for Esme to use and although I had her test drive it for this outing, it's not going to work for my purposes. I am keeping the boots because they are awesome and have worked out an agreement with the company's new owner for a replacement coat for Esme in the Spring.

One of Leeloo's favorite things is to race through the woods leaping over fallen logs. I worry a little in the snow because she can't see what's under it but so far none of the dogs has twisted anything in a mad dash through the trees.

Cora is so beautiful. I know I say it a lot but boy do I love this girl. If I could have designed her from scratch, which in a way I sort of did, she is pretty exactly how I wanted her to turn out. So far her parent's size does not seem to be playing into her development and I'm hoping there isn't a crazy growth spurt in her future!

Leeloo and her dusting of snow waiting for a cookie to be popped into her mouth. I discovered the new Milkbone tiny treats and put a few in my pocket for every walk. This means on occasion Leeloo remembers I have cookies and pokes at my pocket insistently until I give one or two or three up to her. Who could resist those eyes?

The Boy seems to be incapable of looking less than impressive and handsome on every walk. You'd think I'd get tired of photos like this but I don't. Whenever I see one like this I am reminded of how much I adore this Boy.

Cora is still so much the puppy. She found a stick and was teasing Esme with it. It's not like there aren't a zillion sticks in the woods for them, THIS stick is THE stick. When you're a puppy, being in charge of something another dog wants is extra important!

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